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6061 T6 aluminum marine flange
The 6061 T6 marine flange is used for flanges on ships, and the flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe. Connected to the pipe end flange with holes, can be bolted, so that the two flanges are tight. The flanges are sealed with gaskets.

6061 T6 Folding ship flat welding flange
It is a flange that is inserted into the inner ring of the flange. The flat welding flange is divided into two types: a neck flat welding flange and a plate lap welding flange.
The advantages of the flat welding flange are simple manufacturing and low production cost, but it is not resistant to high temperature and high pressure. It is mainly used for normal temperature pipelines with a pressure lower than 2.5 MPa, and is the most used flange for ships.
6061 T6 Folding marine butt flange
Also known as a high-neck flange, it is a flange with a neck that has a round tube transition and is butt welded to the tube.
The welding flange has large rigidity and is not easy to be deformed, and has good sealing and wide application. It is suitable for occasions with high pressure temperature. The nominal pressure PN is about 16MPa. Mainly used for compressed air piping, carbon dioxide piping.

6061 T6 Folding marine loose flange
Also known as looper flanges, generally the material cost of the pipeline is very high. In order to reduce the cost, the inner joint of the same material and the flange combination of different materials are used, that is, the flange sleeve is made by using a flange, a steel ring or the like. On the pipe end, a type of pipe that the flange can move on the pipe end.
Loose flanges are commonly used on copper-nickel alloy tubes and expansion joints.
6061 T6 Folding marine hydraulic flange
The hydraulic pressure of the ship is very high, so the special high-pressure method is adopted. The flange thickness is about 30mm-45mm depending on the pipe diameter. This flange is usually connected by a concave flange and a convex flange. The way is to use O-ring as the sealing material.
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