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How to choose marine aluminum alloy sheet?
5083 marine aluminum plate is a high value-added aluminum plate product. In recent years, it has become the strategic direction of many large aluminum plate manufacturers. There are more and more 5083 marine aluminum plates supplied on the market, and the quality is uneven. Because the marine aluminum plate has higher performance requirements, This also gives customers the requirement to purchase 5083 ship plates. It is necessary to choose high-quality 5083 marine aluminum plates to achieve better economic benefits in later production.

How to choose marine aluminum alloy sheet?

5083 marine aluminum plate is a typical magnesium-aluminum-silicon alloy. Due to the high requirements of marine aluminum plate, it is necessary to have a special certification body to carry out industry certification. The domestic authority certification is certified by China Classification Society, and the international certification of the Norwegian Classification Society is The industry generally recognized the certification, so it is the most direct way for customers to see if the other party has relevant certification when purchasing the 5083 marine aluminum plate.
On the other hand, the customer can test the samples to the manufacturer before purchasing, and compare the products with the indicators. If they can meet their own requirements, they can purchase them.
In short, customers must be very clear about the quality of each other's products before ordering, and should not be blindly purchased to bring inconvenience to the later stage.
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