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Marine aluminum panels have become the mainstream shipboard material in the future
On the selection of marine aluminum sheets, steel sheets are traditionally preferred and are currently widely used materials. From the strength point of view, the steel plate is stronger, the aluminum plate is the second, and later is the FRP. FRP is a glass fiber reinforced plastic, commonly known as FRP, which is a fiber reinforced composite plastic. In terms of safety factor, the steel part of the hull is suitable. Because large ships may collide in seawater, the steel plate technology is more mature and the crack resistance is stronger. From the perspective of plasticity, FRP is superior to aluminum and steel. Generally, small and medium-sized ships are preferred if they are both aesthetically pleasing and economical. For marine aluminum panels, it is more suitable for use on some boats with high speed requirements. Such as yachts, official ships, etc., aluminum alloy aluminum plate to effectively reduce its own weight, improve operating speed, and beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable.

On the whole, these three kinds of ship manufacturing materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they all have a non-negligible effect in ship production. However, from the perspective of national policy and technological development, the market for marine aluminum panels will maintain steady growth and gradually replace some steel markets, becoming the mainstream shipboard material in the future. At the same time, it can be inferred that the future light-duty aluminum alloy speedboats, aluminum alloy fishing boats and aluminum alloy patrol boats will occupy a wider market.
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