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marine grade aluminum certification




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characteristics of marine aluminum plates
1 The marine aluminum plate is a high ratio of strength and modulus. Ship structure strength and size and material yield strength and elastic modulus is closely related, due to roughly the same modulus and density of aluminum, alloy elements added have little impact, so in a certain range improve yield strength of ship structure to reduce the strong. High strength aluminum sheet is often difficult to have excellent corrosion resistance and can be welded. Therefore, the marine aluminum plate is generally of medium strength, corrosion resistant and can be welded.

marine aluminum plates

2 The marine aluminum plate is excellent welding performance. At present, the main use of the automatic argon arc welding method, good welding of the aluminum plate means that the formation of the cracks in the welding process to be small, that is to say the marine aluminum plate to have a good welding crack resistance. The welding performance can not be recovered by RE heat treatment because of the ship's condition.
3 The marine aluminum plate is excellent corrosion resistance. It is one of the main signs of marine alloys that the marine structures are used in many harsh sea media and marine environments.
4 The marine aluminum plate has a good cold, hot forming properties. Due to the processing of cold working and heat treatment, the ship plate must be easy to be processed and formed, no crack defects are produced, and the strength and corrosion resistance can be satisfied.
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