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Why use aluminium plate for boats?
Fire is the most dangerous of all the dangers at sea. Although some materials used to build hulls (such as fiberglass or wood) burn quickly and spread flames, aluminum does not burn. Moreover, aluminum needs a temperature higher than 500 ° C to melt.
Through the hull fittings
Another advantage of an Aluminium fittings for boat is that the pipe that runs through the hull can be simply welded to the hull. Welding pipes eliminate most of the risk of leakage through the hull holes, which is often the cause of concern for GRP owners. In addition, when these pipes are above the waterline, they can be repaired in the water on board. Although this seems like a trivial matter, it does add extra security and convenience to the ship.

Sailing comfort

Aluminum boats are much harder than wood or fiberglass. For this reason, they usually provide a good feeling and the vibration and noise are much lower. On the other hand, because aluminum hulls are very light, they are more easily pushed and lifted by waves and slashes, sometimes causing excessive hull bounce. However, most modern hull designs minimize this effect.
The price of the ship depends on many factors, so the difference in hull material will eventually be blurred by other costs. However, it can be said that aluminum boats are usually more expensive than steel and fiberglass boats. However, you pay for what you get, in which case it means a more powerful, lightweight and safe vessel. If you consider the low maintenance of aluminum boats, the total cost of purchase and maintenance can be comparable or even lower than other hull materials in the long run.
Because Aluminum fittings for boats are less common than GRP, they are also more difficult to sell. However, they usually keep the resale price high.
The aluminium plate for boats is extremely durable and can be used for generations. However, aluminum is recyclable even when the ship needs to be scrapped, and the recycling process actually requires very little energy.

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