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Foam aluminum sheet for construction
1. Making building sound lining
    Use foam aluminum sheet plate sound absorbing panels (thickness 10mm) to make noise reduction lining in the studio, dubbing room, concert hall, conference hall, stadium, etc. to avoid sound reverberation. The foam aluminum absorbing panel is provided with a cavity of 20~40mm thickness. The noise reduction effect is good.
    2. Making the sound absorption wall of the swimming pool
    Due to the high humidity in the swimming pool, the sound absorbing ability is greatly reduced after the ordinary sound absorbing material absorbs water. Noise reduction in swimming pools is a problem that the construction industry has long been difficult to solve. The perforated foam aluminum sheet plate sound absorbing panel has a high sound absorption rate, and in a humid environment, the sound absorbing rate is not lowered, and the noise reduction effect is good. The aluminum foam acoustic panel has a thickness of 10 mm and a 20 mm thick cavity is placed behind it.

    3, the production of high-rise aluminum, foam aluminum plate sheet, aluminum panel building curtain wall panels
    Manufacture of high-rise building curtain wall panels, foam aluminum plate thickness of 10mm, panel 0.5mm thick fluorocarbon lacquer aluminum plate, stiffness of more than 15Mpa. It has excellent performances such as energy absorption, sound insulation and heat insulation. The thermal expansion coefficient is the same inside and outside, ensuring smoothness, no burning and good fireproof performance.
    4, making marble, foam aluminum curtain wall panels
    3mm thick marble, 15mm thick foam aluminum plate composite, which is 2/3 lighter than solid marble plate, and the impact toughness is more than 2 times.
    5, making sound insulation floor
    The sound insulation of the building is a difficult problem. It is made of 5mm thick wood board and 10~15mm thick foam aluminum board composite floor. The sound of the floor is more than 20dB.
    6, entertainment interior decoration
    The foam aluminum sound-absorbing panel is used to make the karaoke, the nightclub and other entertainment places, the ceiling and the wall sound-absorbing decoration, the noise reduction effect is good, the combustion is not good, and the fireproof performance is good.
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