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Marine foamed aluminum performance characteristics
Light weight: 0.1-0.4 times the density of metal aluminum;
□ high specific stiffness: its bending specific stiffness is 1.5 times that of steel;
□ High damping shock absorption performance and impact energy absorption rate: The damping performance is 5-10 times that of metal aluminum. When the aluminum foam having a porosity of 84% is changed by 50%, it can absorb energy of 2.5 MJ/cm3 or more.
□ Good acoustic function: 1. Sound insulation performance (closed hole): When the sound frequency is between 800-4000HZ, the sound insulation coefficient of closed-cell foam aluminum is above 0.9. 2, sound absorption performance (micro-through holes and through-holes): When the sound wave frequency is between 125---4000HZ, the sound absorption coefficient of through-hole foam aluminum can reach up to 0.8, and the average sound absorption coefficient of the octave is over 0.4.

□ Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance: When the electromagnetic wave frequency is between 2.6-18GHZ, the electromagnetic shielding amount of foam aluminum can reach 60-90dB.
□ Good thermal performance: The porosity of the closed-cell foam aluminum with a porosity of 80---90% is 0.3-1W/m#8226;k, which is equivalent to marble. Through-hole foamed aluminum has good heat dissipation under forced convection due to the mutual communication of its pores.
□ Does not burn and has good heat resistance. □ Good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, low moisture absorption, no aging, no toxicity.
□ Easy processing: easy to cut, drill, and bond; can be bent into the desired shape by molding; can be surface treated with organic or inorganic paint; can be skinned on both sides to form a large-sized lightweight, high-stiffness board.
□Easy to install: foam aluminum can be installed in high places without mechanical lifting equipment, such as ceilings, walls and roofs, which can be connected or fixed by mechanical means or directly by screws, or by adhesive. On the wall or ceiling.
□Metal sheet--foam aluminum--Metal sheet formed by the "sandwich" structure inherits the excellent properties of aluminum foam and has high flexural strength. It can be used as a high-strength structural part for new building materials and rolling stock.
□ Multi-functional compatibility of the above performance.

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