Cleaning -CNC finishing ultrasonic cleaning machine
CNC precision ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special equipment for cleaning of computer numerical control machine tool parts before processing by the PLC program control automatic cleaning process has the characteristics of fast cleaning, good cleaning effect, to meet the requirements of environmental protection, is the ideal equipment for cleaning industry.

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Bending - CNC bending machine, five axis CNC machine tool system, Bentley forging rolling machine
Henan Chalco Aluminum has five axis NC machine tool system is the most advanced, specially for large structures of complex curved surface processing, is to solve the problem of impeller, blade, marine propeller, the only means of center of generator rotor, turbine rotor, large diesel engine crankshaft and other parts. The five axis CNC machine tool system plays an important role in the national aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high precision medical equipment and so on.

Five Axis CNC Machine Tool System

Bending Machine

Rolling Machine

Punching CNC turret punch press
Our company has the most advanced CNC turret punch system, punching operations for sheet metal, worktable size 2500mm*1250mm, for aluminum alloy, the current punching thickness range of 1-3mm.

Punching Machine

CNC Machine Tools


Cutting - two-dimensional laser cutting machine, three-dimensional laser cutting machine, water cutting machine, cutting machine, wire cutting machine
Our company has a variety of sheet cutting equipment, machine parts in different shapes and sizes, we can through the two-dimensional laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, cutting machine, water cutting machine, complete customer demand line cutting machine.

Water Cutting Machine

Wire Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine

Saw Board Machine

Welding seam automatic welding machine, IGM components, total group, beam automatic welding machine, cylinder double seam welding machine
According to the welding requirements of different parts, we have many kinds of automatic welding equipment. The double ring seam welding machine imported by our company has been successfully applied to the welding of the parts of the subway car. We have the ability to undertake welding operations of various machining parts.

Automatic Welding Machine
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