What is marine grade aluminium

Marine grade aluminium usually use aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy and aluminum zinc magnesium alloy. The most common are aluminum magnesium alloys and aluminum zinc magnesium alloys which are conducive to welding. The strength of aluminum magnesium silicon alloy and aluminum magnesium silicon alloy is significantly lower than that of aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum zinc magnesium alloy, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum zinc magnesium alloy after welding is also low, which greatly limits the use of these two aluminum alloys. However, aluminum zinc magnesium alloy and aluminum magnesium silicon alloy have good applications in other aspects. Aluminum zinc magnesium alloy can be used for heat treatable parts after welding, while aluminum magnesium silicon alloy is mainly used for profile manufacturing. The working conditions of ships are relatively special. Ship materials often need to have good strength, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Marine grade aluminium is mainly medium strength aluminum alloy, which not only has corrosion resistance and certain strength, but also has excellent weldability.. Marine grade aluminum alloys can be divided into aluminum alloys for hull structure and aluminum alloys for upper outfitting.The hull structure includes: the side, bottom shell, keel, ribs, and adjacent walls, etc. The aluminum alloy for the upper layer of the hull includes: wheelhouse, bulwark, chimney, porthole, mast, etc. Usually we use Al-Mg series alloy as the material of the hull structure. For example, 5086 marine grade aluminum plate5454 marine grade aluminum plate5052 marine grade aluminum plate, etc. are used for the main deck and bottom plate, and the hull structure often uses 5086 H112 marine grade aluminum profiles and Al-Mg-Si series aluminum alloy profiles. In the upper outfitting structure, 6063 marine grade aluminum profiles are used for portholes, 6061, 6063 aluminum alloy profiles and bars are often used for gangways and masts, and 5086,5083,5052 marine grade alloys are often used for marine grade aluminum tread plate. The integral wall plate extruded by Al-Mg alloy can reduce welding deformation and make the stress distribution more reasonable. In addition, most of the Marine grade aluminum fittings such as Aluminum elbowsAluminum pipe capAluminum coupling, Aluminum cross, Aluminum flange, Aluminum Welding Backing Tape, Aluminum steel bimetal, etc. also use 5 series Al-Mg alloy or 6 series Al-Mg -Si aluminum alloy. The working environment of ships requires that the structural materials of the hull have certain properties such as mechanical strength, fatigue strength, elongation and impact resistance. However, it is usually difficult for high-strength aluminum alloys to have both excellent corrosion resistance and weldability at the same time. Therefore, Marine grade aluminum alloys generally use medium-strength corrosion-resistant weldable aluminum alloys.  

Marine grade aluminum alloys in hull parts

Application Alloy Products type
Ship's side and bottom exterior board 5083、5086、5456、5050     Marine grade plate,marine aluminum profile
Keel of ship       5083         Marine grade plate
Ship's rib  5083, 6061 marine aluminum extrusions,Marine grade plate
Engine pedestal 5083         Marine grade plate
deck 5052、5083、5086、5454     Marine grade plate,marine aluminum profile
Steering room 5083、6N01、5052         Marine grade plate ,marine aluminum profile
bulwarks  5083         Marine grade plate,marine aluminum profile
Ship's chimney 5083、5052     Marine aluminum tubing
Top and side plates of vessels on sea      3003、3004、5052         Marine grade plate
porthole   5052、5083、6063、AC7A    marine aluminum extrusions,casting
Gangway 5052、5083、6063、6060     marine aluminum profile
mast 5052、5083、6063、6060     tubing,marine grade bar,marine grade profile
Structural materials for offshore vessels 6063、6061、7003         marine grade aluminum extrusions

what is the best marine grade aluminum

There is no best marine grade aluminum, but only the most suitable marine grade aluminum. Aluminum alloys of different specifications are used at different positions of the ship according to the requirements of the ship's navigation area and hull structure specifications. As long as the specifications and strength meet the requirements of the ship inspection specifications, they are the best marine aluminum for speedboats. Of course, some marine grade aluminum alloys are widely used,such as:

marine grade aluminum 5052

Compared with marine grade aluminum 5083 , the strength of marine grade aluminum 5052 is lower. In the process of shipbuilding, it is mostly used for small ships and ship structural parts, such as: cable tray on ships, porthole, Gangway, mast, etc.;
Temper: O, H111. H112, H24, H32,H34,H36
Certificate: BV /DNV /ABS/Lioyds

marine grade aluminum 5083

marine grade aluminum 5083 is the most used aluminum plate in shipbuilding. It is widely used in ship structure, such as Keel of ship, ship’s rib, deck, bulwarks, ship’s chimney, porthole etc.
Temper:O, H111. H112, H116, H24, H32, H321
Dimensions: T(1.5-120) X W(1000-3100) X (1000-13000)mm
Certificate: BV /DNV /ABS/Lioyds
Features:Long width, anti-corrosion, small elastic modulus, easy to welding, easy processing, without low temperature brittleness as well as non-magnetic.

marine grade aluminum 5086

Marine grade aluminum 5086,5086 aluminum plate is mainly alloyed with magnesium and silicon, which has excellent rust and corrosion resistance. It is the same as 5083 aluminum plate and is widely used in shipbuilding, such as Ship's side and bottom exterior board, deck.

Temper: O, H111. H112, H116, H321    
Certificate: BV /DNV /ABS/Lioyds

marine grade aluminum 5754

5754 ships are widely used in ship structures such as welded structures, storage tanks, and pressure vessels. They generally have excellent processing properties, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, and high weldability.
Temper: O, H111. H112, H24, H32, H34, H36, H38
Certificate: BV /DNV /ABS/Lioyds

marine grade aluminum 6061

marine grade aluminum 6061 has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, easy coating, good oxidation effect, etc., and it can still maintain good operability after annealing. In particular, it has no stress corrosion cracking tendency, and its weldability and cold workability are good, and it is widely used in shipbuilding.
Temper: O, T4, T6, T651
Certificate: BV /DNV /ABS/Lioyds

welding marine grade aluminum

The commonly used welding methods for aluminum alloys are tungsten inert gas welding (TIG welding) and molten inert gas welding (MIG welding). Aluminum tig welding rod often uses 5556 aluminum tig rod, 5356 aluminum tig welding rod, 5183 aluminum tig rod. Aluminum wire for mig welder often uses 5556 aluminum welding wire, 5356 aluminum mig wire, aluminum mig wire 5183. Henan Chalco can provide high-quality Marine grade aluminum plates and reliable marine brazing aluminum materials. Among many shipbuilding companies, Henan Chalco The Marine grade aluminum materials have a good reputation and reputation. On the one hand, we do data analysis of the chemical composition and physical properties of Marine grade aluminum alloy materials to determine the best Marine grade aluminum performance parameters. On the other hand, actively receive feedback on the performance of Marine grade aluminum and marine brazing materials in actual use, actively improve the performance of materials, and do a good job in after-sales service of marine grade aluminum.

Marine grade aluminum applications

In addition to the application of aluminum alloy in shipbuilding, it is widely used in marine engineering. In particular, the state has promoted the operation and construction of the ocean to a national strategic level, and the application of aluminum alloy in marine engineering has increased to a new level. The study found that the application of aluminum alloy in marine engineering mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Used to build offshore helicopter platforms
2. Used in the design of LNG ship storage tanks
3. Used in the construction of marine piers
4. Used in oil and gas exploration drill pipes

Marine grade aluminum suppliers

Henan Chalco is a famous marine grade aluminum supplier &  manufacturer  in China. It mainly produces and sells 5754 5454 5052 5086 6061 5456 5154 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet plate,marine grade aluminum tubing. The company has two production bases, covering an area of 150000 square meters, with more than 800 employees, 4 semi continuous casting production lines, 8 continuous casting and rolling production lines and 26 other large-scale processing equipment, with an annual output of 400000 tons.  the company's products also cover marine grade aluminum extrusions profile, marine aluminum fittings, welding marine grade aluminum wire rod, etc
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