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 Why select aluminum Pipe fittings compare with steel?

1. Costs less than steel, cost savings of 10-20% versus rigi steel.

2. Lower installation cost
  * Labor savings of 35-75% versus rigid steel.
  *1/3 the weight of rigid steel conduit
  * Easy field fabrication

aluminum 90 degree elbow

3. Explosion proof
  * Replaces rigid steel in virtually all locations
  *Aluminum conduit meets all national electrical codes---Article 500 Hazardous area requirements
  * No toxic fumes

aluminium coupling

4. Superior attractive appearance
  * Corrosion resistant oxide film
  * No rust or unsightly discoloration or steaking.

aluminium flanges

5. Non-magnetic
  * Protection for sensitive environments
  * Powder savings over the life of the installation.

aluminum pipe cap

Why buy aluminum pipe fittings  from Chalco Aluminum?
1. Quality---QC systems that surpass industry standards.
2. Cost-----we extrude and thread in house.
3. Experiences----Over 40 days manufacturing experience.
4. Technology----Design and product solutions supported by Chalco aluminum technical certer.

aluminum cross

Chalco Aluminum Pipe Fittings Range:
1. Aluminum tube
2. Aluminum elbows
3. Aluminum Tees
4. Aluminum crosses
5. Aluminum couplings
6. Aluminum flanges
7. Aluminum pipe caps

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