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In ship and marine facilities in the application of aluminum and aluminum alloy almost all materials, but the most used is: 5052, 5154, 5454, 5083, 5086, 5056, 6063, 6061, 6N01, 6082, 6025A, 1050, 1200, 3003, 3203, AC4A, AC4C and aluminum alloy deformation AC4CH AC7A, AC8A aluminum alloy casting. The main marine aluminum materials are: thick plate, sheet, strip, foil, pipe, bar, profile, integral extrusion, wallboard, casting, die casting, die forgings, etc.. The main attitude of the material are: O, H14, H112, H34, H32, H116, H117, H111, T1, T5, T6, T61, F, etc.. With the large scale of hull and the progress of extruded profiles for ship technology, the application of large timber is more and more extensive.

5052 marine grade aluminum plate sheet
The types of hull structures can be divided into three types: transverse framing, longitudinal framing and mixed framing. The end to end structure of aluminum alloy small fishing vessels, inland vessels and large ships is often a transverse framework, and longitudinal structures are often used in oil tankers and warships. The application of multi hull aluminum plate, profile and wide integrally extruded panel. In a long China manufacturing 60.8m, 1160t oil tanker, the following conditions: using aluminum hull longitudinal bulkhead sealing using corrugated plate thickness 9mm, transverse bulkhead with 7mm thick plate, forming 5 independent tanks; with Aluminum Alloy 9mm manufacturing ship deck thickness 12mm, thick plate 15mm. The hull structure is made of extruded profiles for ship, and the rear column is made of Al-12%Si alloy. Total dosage of aluminum 92t.

aluminium round flange for ship
At present, various types of ship superstructure and the upper device (mast, chimney, bridge, a lifting device, etc.) are more inclined to use marine grade aluminum alloys, while the upper structure in the most ideal is the large-scale aluminum extruded panel. However, in 1984 the British - Argentina Malvinas War, the British horse Freddy Shepherd destroyer was hit flying missiles, lit the fire of Babel, Aluminum Alloy bridge is burning soft, collapsed, causing people to think about making use of Aluminum Alloy ship superstructure. The Soviet Union made in the long 101.5m, displacement of 2960t, carrying 326 members and the speed of 30km/h Gil Giles Tan, an ocean liner, built by Aluminum Alloy superstructure, such as cockpit, masts, chimneys, shrouds, awning device and watertight door etc.. The marine aluminum materials used are 5.6mm and 8mm thick 5A05 alloy plates, 10mm and 14mm thick 5A06 alloy plates, 5A06 alloy round flat parts, and some marine aluminum alloy castings. The upper structure is riveted on the deck by 5A05 alloy rivets, and preventive measures against contact corrosion are taken. The superstructure is made of 100t aluminum, 50% lighter than steel, and 175t aluminum. The total mass of the ship is reduced by 12%, and the center of gravity of the center of gravity is increased by 15cm. The stability of the ship is obviously improved.

extruded profiles for ship
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