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Aluminum is the largest non-ferrous metal in the world with a reduced weight due to the low density, high strength, rigidity and decay resistance of aluminum compared to a ship built using aluminum compared to a ship constructed of steel or other composite materials, 20%. The high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability of the aluminum alloy provide a good choice for the construction of heavy-weight hulls. Due to the lower processing cost of aluminum and the outstanding physical properties of the aluminum alloy, the use of aluminum Shipbuilding is more economical. Aluminum can be used as a sheet, but also can be extruded and cast processing. From the ship's designer's point of view, ships made of aluminum alloy can achieve higher speeds and longer service life, and these advantages of aluminum alloys make them very fast for use in ships, making them modern ships The preferred material, the shipbuilding industry has provided a vast market for aluminum.

6082 marine grade aluminum profiles

With the continuous improvement of aluminum alloy production technology and technology, the requirements of modern ships for aluminum alloy materials are also getting higher and higher. High-performance marine aluminum products will be more able to adapt to the marine environment, and instead of the traditional steel plate, to achieve the ship's lightweight and energy-saving emission reduction, shipbuilding and aluminum alloy processing industry as a whole to enhance the efficiency.

Henan Chalco has developed a high-performance marine high-performance 5083 marine grade aluminum profiles, the marine product manufacturing industry chain has been extended and expanded, we have mastered the 5A01, 5A30, 6082 marine grade aluminum profiles behalf of the core technology of complete sets of manufacturing products, and now Has been successfully developed performance in line with GB / T6892 "general industrial aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded profiles," DNV DNV or other relevant standards for high-speed ship with aluminum extrusion profiles, excellent overall performance.

The marine grade aluminum extrusions for ships are widely used in hydrofoils, flying ships, speedboats, cruise ships, hovercraft, sailing ships, catamarans, patrol boats and passenger ferries. The application areas include the ship's side, bottom plating, keel, Ribs, next door, engine pedestal, deck, vessel top and side panels, chimneys, etc. With the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry, lightweight aluminum alloy wide profile wallboards have been extensively used in the manufacture of hull and superstructure. As the best connection method of aluminum alloy, friction stir welding effectively avoids the low efficiency of riveting, high cost, large deformation of arc welding, expensive consumables and high operation difficulty. It has become the preferred connection way of marine grade aluminum extrusions wall products.
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