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> Technical requirements for the construction of aluminum alloy boats

1.1 Built aluminum alloy ship shipyard of professional and technical personnel and workers, should be familiar with construction codes at home and abroad Aluminum Alloy ship, feeding groove, master marine aluminum alloy advanced under the residual correction, machining, assembly, welding and deformation control method.
1.2 The welding of marine aluminum alloy is a difficult point in the construction of aluminum alloy ship. The necessary equipment, facilities, personnel and test conditions should be provided.

marine aluminum
1.3 The shipyard should use all kinds of advanced equipment, small deformation,marine aluminum alloy high efficiency welding such as melting semi automatic argon arc welding (MIG), melting stage pulse semi automatic argon arc welding, melting stage automatic argon arc welding (MIG), automatic tungsten argon arc welding (TIG), tungsten argon arc welding (TIG) level.
1.4 Aluminum alloy welding process: usually complete 5083,5356, two kinds of marine aluminum plate of different welding methods and different welding position of welding process qualification approval test.
1.5 Training and research of marine aluminum alloy welder: before the construction of aluminum alloy ship, according to the specification of classification society, all kinds of welding methods of different positions of welder training and certification conditions, the examination qualified, can engage in welding work.

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1.6 The shipyard should have indoor aluminum alloy cutting, processing, assembly, welding and assembly site to meet the requirements of bright, no wind, low dust and clean, and supporting the lifting and launching capacity.
1.7 Marine aluminum sheet degreasing, welding to the oxide film facilities, tools complete. Cleaning and decontamination of marine aluminium sheet is the key process of marine aluminum alloy product construction. There should be pickling bath, electric polishing machine and acetone cleaning process.

marine aluminium sheet
1.8 In the aluminum cutting, blanking and margin correction, the shipyard usually adopts the numerical control plasma cutting, manual plasma cutting and other methods.
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