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> Advantages of aluminum ribbed plate applied to aluminum ship structures

The marine grade aluminum ribbed plate is a plane structure with several parallel shapes in one direction. The application of marine aluminum ribbed plate shows obvious advantages in structure performance, hull quality and construction period, and improves the performance of the ship structure.

6082 T6 marine grade aluminum ribbed plate
1.geometric accuracy of marine grade aluminum ribbed sheet structures
This is because the section of the component and its positioning are determined by the extrusion die, rather than the traditional plate by manual welding. As a result, the marine aluminum ribbed plate is close to "geometric plane", which is the overall stability and local stability of marine aluminum ribbed sheet, which exceeds the traditional plate.

marine grade aluminum sheet
2.the residual stress in the aluminum ribbed plate structure is very small
The residual stresses in aluminum extruded profiles are generally very small (less than 20Mpa), from the practical point of view, the influence on the carrying capacity can be neglected. The compressive residual stress at the edge of the welded aluminum alloy profile is about 20% of the baseline stress. It can be seen that the marine aluminium ribbed plate is improved both in construction and in service.

marine grade aluminium sheet
3.The marine grade aluminum ribbed plate makes the structure weld less
A large number of welds are not used to connect the common longitudinal sections with aluminum ribbed plate, thus shortening the construction period of the aluminum alloy hull structures.
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