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> Brief introduction of marine aluminum flange

The aluminium flanges is the part that connects the pipe and the pipe and is connected to the end of the pipe; also used in the import and export of aluminum flange, for the connection between the two devices. Aluminum flange joint or aluminum flange joint refers to the removable connection between the three flanges, the gasket and the bolt, which are mutually connected as a group of composite sealing structures. Aluminium flanges is also a widely used marine aluminum material, compared with other marine metal materials, aluminum flange has the following advantages:

aluminium flanges

marine aluminum flange
1.Non-toxic: aluminum itself is no toxicity, so no harm to human body.
2. Corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance: aluminum alloy flange, the surface can produce hard and dense oxide film, many substances do not produce erosion to it.
3.Chemical resistance: aluminum flange does not produce chemical reactions to many chemicals, and can maintain very good performance.
4. Low temperature resistance: aluminium flanges at low temperature, its strength increases instead of brittleness, so it is an ideal low temperature device material.
5. Good strength: the mechanical property of aluminum flange is inferior to that of steel, but it is higher than that of it. The alloy elements such as copper, magnesium and manganese can be added to make the aluminum alloy reheated, so as to obtain very high strength.
6. Beautiful, suitable for a variety of surface treatment: aluminium flanges and its alloy flange surface oxide film, silver white, relatively beautiful. If the oxidation treatment, the surface of the oxide film is more solid, but also can be painted with brushing and so on. Make a variety of colors and gloss of the surface.
7.No magnetic: aluminum flange is non-magnetic.
8. Light weight: aluminum flange quality is lighter than other materials, can save handling costs and processing costs.

marine grade aluminum flange
Therefore, aluminum flange used as marine grade aluminum is very suitable, so it is widely used by shipbuilding enterprises, and has a very good market prospect.
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