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Soundproof aluminum plate, a high-tech product, is a new material made of a special foaming agent after the aluminum is dissolved. Its super-light quality, but also has a good sound-absorbing, noise, buffer, electronic shielding, pollution-free and other excellent performance. Widely used in aerospace, military, construction, highway guardrail, urban noise walls, trains, cars, boats and other fields. After the advent of Soundproof aluminum plate, it has aroused a revolution in materials. Products have been warmly welcomed in the United States, Japan, Europe and Israel. The market has a bright future and huge profits.

soundproof aluminum plate
Vehicles (airplanes, trains, ships, yachts, cars) use it to reduce vibration and noise. For example, around the train engine, train floors, doors, ceiling applications, we have our own technology.(marine grade aluminum soundproof plate)
Road noise barriers, tunnels, subway vents, buildings (Grand Theater, gymnasium, meeting rooms and office buildings), factories (power plants, steel mills, tobacco factories and engines, steam turbines) sound-absorbing noise reduction use.
Military, armored vehicles, buildings used on it, because of the buffer effect, shells can not penetrate. Use it on shipping packages to reduce vibration and provide electromagnetic shielding. Impact protection for missiles, aircraft and their recovered components.
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